Twitter Dentist Marketing

Twitter Dentist Marketing

by William Lawson December 03, 2013

Twitter Marketing And Keeping It Real 

When looking at twitter for dentists and dental marketing ideas in general, the most important thing when marketing your business is bringing out the best in your style and enthusiasm and showing this off to your potential customers, making sure that you keep your messaging true to your style and the personality of your business shows through making people take action.

Each business has a unique personality, style of humour and certain off topic subjects that can be talked about and others, which may not.

Ordinarily we recommend that with most businesses they tweet 70-80% of the time about their business sector. The other 20-30% they need to have a number of different subjects they have a passion for. As you can see, this does not require you to be a dental marketing expert or a dental pr specialist.

For example at a dental practice, it may be the case that your team love certain sports, like rugby.  It is a lot easier to talk about something that you know about after all! Enthusiasm comes easy to people who are genuinely passionate about what they enjoy doing.

Like with all marketing initiatives, begin with the end in mind, what exactly are you wanting to achieve?

In some of the more advanced networking groups they liken it to using long chopsticks that you use to feed fellow networkers. If you try to feed yourself you may starve to death. However, if you feed the other person first then they usually reciprocate and you both eat really well.

Therefore, tweeting about certain honeymoon destinations or wedding venues would be a great idea for you. Finding your local wedding venues or bridal wear shop, maybe even your local travel agents would be another strategic move for you.

Then you need to start building relationships with these local businesses, much like face-to-face network meetings. If you listen to them politely and then help them by retweeting their content, they are far more likely to help you by referring you potential customers.

Ordinarily we recommend that with most businesses they tweet 70-80% of the time about the business sector they are in. The other 20-30% of the time they need to have a number of subjects that are acceptable.

Remember the topics you tweet about will attract certain people, so like with all marketing plans, starting with the end in mind is best, it may be the case you would like to attract couples who are planning on getting married for instance.

Bringing out the best in your style and enthusiasm and making sure that you keep it true to your style will attract people who are similar in mind to you. This will also do wonders for establishing good dental public relations.

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