Twitter Dentist Marketing Strategy

Twitter Dentist Marketing Strategy

by William Lawson December 02, 2013

How To Create A Twitter Marketing Strategy For Your Business Part Two

7) Where will you find your content to share? There are multitudes of places to find content, some are simple to pick up like Google alerts for instance. Others you can just pick up from certain websites with industry specific news or from apps within the software you may use.

8) Who will be writing your blog posts and creating content for you? What topics will you use to educate your potential customers or patients to buy from you?

9) What are your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), in other words how will you track your success? Will it be interactions and mentions or actually direct business that comes from your campaigns?

10) What is your plan for holidays? Will the manager schedule updates before they go away or will you delegate that job to another member of your team for whilst they are away.@GetWiseMkting

12) What is your plan if a customer or an employee complains about your business, how will you respond to their negative feedback? Will you take the conversation off line as quickly as possible and call them for instance?

13) What industry events, cultural events, local events are important to the growth and credibility of your business?

14) Who are the #thoughtleaders in your industry? Get involved with them, retweet their content, mention them. Chances are they will reciprocate and expose you to more coverage and you can leverage their credibility.

15) Lists and how to use them? When you are followed by a similar business to yours, why would you follow them? Just add them to a list; you are able to have 25 different lists on Twitter with 500 members in each. You can have private lists in case you do not want people to see certain information.

16) Favourites and how to use them? Interestingly enough when people think of following you and or using your services and or products they will more often than not go through your favourites to see who or what you have been favouriting. If you are smart you will have favourited tweets like testimonial videos and tweets that outline how good your customer service is. Look at favourites as being similar to your online CV or resume.

17) Social CRM? Are you going to use something like Nimble? It actually tracks interactions on most social media platforms. Reminding you when you contacted them last and setting reminders for keeping in touch.

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