Twitter For Dentists – Part Two

Twitter For Dentists – Part Two

by William Lawson November 18, 2013

Top Dentist Twitter Tips Part 2

Ok so we have established the need for a marketing strategy to educate prospects to the point of purchase. You don’t need to be a dental marketing expert for that.

There is a process for prospects; which enables them to learn that what you do is the best solution for them personally for a B2C and for their business for a B2B client. It is the marketing departments’ job to educate prospects so they are ready to buy.

When thinking about your solutions and conveying them remember the all time classic quote from Henry Ford “If I had asked people what they had wanted they would have said faster horses”

Some of the prospects may already be highly qualified and almost ready to buy, whereas others may not be even at the point of understanding anything about what your company does at all.

What needs to be remembered is that on a scale of 1 = (know nothing) >> 10 = (buyers) there will be different educational levels and personality types, interests etc. This is where it gets complicated, so to communicate with these prospects in the correct way some kind of social media is certainly necessary to understand them a little better, getting to know them.

Some people actually prefer to talk about things other than business and it is best to get to know them by working out what makes them tick. Twitter enables smart business people to tailor communications in the most effective ways to build strong relationships.

Do not forget there could be a number of people involved in the buying decision, so building relationships with all of these buying influencers if possible is going to be well worth the time invested.

Some of the team’s personalities and interests may not suit some potential new clients, for example: my personality is suited to some tastes and not others, being a very high energy individual, so another member of our team may suit a prospects personality type better.

Twitter in particular is similar to a busy networking event where everyone is shouting and this is where listening comes in handy; fortunately with twitter you can actually scroll down through someone’s timeline and get to understand what makes them tick.Twitter For Business Growth

Everything is public, unless they have a private account and are not following you, thus depriving you the valuable information to understand all you need to know.

Twitter is a great tool for building connections, especially if you write blogs and use those blogs to educate prospects to the point of understanding your company can offer them what they need.

I actually had the owner from a very well known healthcare pr company approach me at a prestigious dental event. She said how she had just read my blog that very morning and how she loved my writing style and could certainly work with innovators such as ourselves to roll out some exciting digital initiatives. It was a very humbling experience and virtually no pillow talk was involved.

So isn’t it about time your business embraced the easiest way to network? If you would like to discuss how we help then please get in contact with us, we can tailor courses specifically to your business, whether you are a dental supplier or an ambitious practice.

By Nathaniel Schooler, GetWise Marketing

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