Twitter For Dentists – Part One

Twitter For Dentists – Part One

by William Lawson November 17, 2013

Twitter Marketing For Dentists Part One

Traditionally sales managers and business owners are used to building a business in their own way, maybe by attending trade shows, breakfast networking meetings and advertising in newspapers. Social media in particular “Twitter” is a dirty word something they do not want to do in a hurry.

One reason they do not want to embrace new “social networking” is they believe that the old tried and tested ways work really well, so why would they change direction? Twitter For Business Growth

The challenge in this new economy is that many of their competitors are using social media and building very strong bonds with their existing clients and potential prospects, ensuring customer loyalty and picking up lots of new business.

There is a reluctance to embrace change when there is a fear of embarrassment, no-one likes to be wrong especially in front of their team, hence why we tailor our courses to fit the businesses we work with, potentially we can teach three different levels of our course in a day.

We enable managers to understand exactly enough to control the process of being social without any hassle, even putting in the systems in place so that if a staff member leaves they are still in control of the company social media accounts for an example.

We help set up the twitter accounts, in particular the tone of voice; this enables the company personality and style reflects in business communications. We also make sure procedures are in place to ensure the right things are on social media. This is only a small part of the work management teams need to consider, building the framework that will help their businesses get to the next level. 

Businesses are de-motivating sales teams by sending them on the road to bang on doors and cold call prospects without providing them the effective tools to be in front of their prospects 24/7, educating them whilst they are sleeping to the point of purchase and creating a load of hungry leads to close.

A complete marketing strategy is necessary to support sales teams and grow revenues. This should involve a great website with a call to action on every page. Feeding the prospects into an email auto responder with mail sent to them at correct intervals to encourage purchase.

This is the simplest thing; nothing has changed in marketing, except there are now many more extra channels to be in contact with your prospects.

Lookout for part 2 in the next few days and please contact us if you need some help with your marketing.

By Nathaniel Schooler, GetWise Marketing

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