The Dentistry Show Leaderboard 2014

The Dentistry Show Leaderboard 2014

by William Lawson January 14, 2014

#DS14 Dentistry Show Birmingham

This years dentistry show is going to be amazing, not just because we will be there. But because we are really going to be engaging the dental community on Twitter with our leaderboard competition board. I will be posting a link to the board and releasing it sometime before the 20th January.

Initially we had planned to release it on the 15th but have had some teething problems, although we will still be on schedule to release the board six weeks prior to the show, for the dental practices and dentists on twitter we will be running this board to see who are the movers and shakers on Twitter.

Points will be given out for the amount of followers you have and for the retweets and mentions around the Hashtag #DS14, you will also get extra points for following @dentistryshow

In addition to the leaderboard we will have two screens at the event for our players to see how well they are doing, of course the dentistry show organisers will be encouraging the delegates to tweet #DS14 to play the game.

So enough from me here is an image of the board for everyone…only two slots left for sponsors…:-)

 #DS14 leaderboard






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