Test 1


[pricing_table price_description=”” column_type=”table_one_fourth” title=”Free” currency=”£” integer_price=”” fractional_price=”———-” is_featured=”0″ button_link=”#” button_text=”Read More ” button_type=”orange”]’Free Video’ This is if you want the video with no branding and with a getwiselogo on it. [/pricing_table]

[pricing_table price_description=”” column_type=”table_one_fourth” title=”Branded” currency=”£197″ is_featured=”0″ button_link=”#” button_text=”Read more” button_type=”orange”]This will have the Get Wise Marketing branding removed and will be branded with your logo at the begiinn and at the end of the video[/pricing_table]

[pricing_table price_description=”” column_type=”table_one_fourth” title=”Maximum Visbility” currency=”£497″ integer_price=”” fractional_price=”” is_featured=”1″ button_link=”/option-3″ button_text=”Read more” button_type=”orange”]If your video is only one your website then the only people who see it atere just the visitors to your webites. This is missing out in amjortiy of traffic you canaleo gain from socil networks Your video will be optimised and distubuted [/pricing_table]

[pricing_table price_description=”” column_type=”table_one_fourth” title=”Lead Magnet” currency=”£” integer_price=”997″ fractional_price=”” is_featured=”1″ button_link=”/upgrade” button_text=”Read more” button_type=”orange”]Turn your video intoa lead magnet. We will opotimse for the keywords you want to rank for yso you video gets seen by many people and we will also build you a start of the art webpage that converts people visiting your video into leads you can them contact and provide more infromation with[/pricing_table]