My Top 7 Twitter Busting Tools

My Top 7 Twitter Busting Tools

by William Lawson September 26, 2013

Want To Take Twitter Management To The Next Level?

As a Dentist or Dental Professional who has not had any Twitter training and is new to Twitter dental marketing this maybe not the best post to read, especially if you don’t know what Twitter marketing is all about. Although if you understand a little and enjoy playing with tech and love learning how to use new tools then this could be great information for you. Most of these are really user friendly tools and will help you to make it a lot more fun.  These tools will make your life a lot easier, some of them are great for your phone and desktop, some can be used for scheduling content, others to find content or statistics, some useful for your social media management as a whole, not just for Twitter.

Twitter Follow


Investigating this will help your team to have some fun too; this is crucial as the team members managing your social media, especially Twitter should always be in a positive frame of mind. Otherwise this micro blogging platform isn’t going to work for you. Learn more about this in further posts. 1) Social Bro – an awesome tool, with so many great features, from communicating with your favourite followers all at once, saying hello to all you new followers at once and doing your #ff (follow fridays) if you don’t know what that is :-   httpss:// Analysing your followers and even potentially pulling out an entire list of your followers or even other people’s followers and analysing them. You can look at any twitter account you like and even take it so far as to create a best time to tweet report for that account’s followers, so maximising exposure to them and of course getting more followers by putting out some useful content at just the right time. You can even take it so far as to modify the spreadsheet to go into hootesuite to send out an @Handle campaign, which I just did to start building up our new linkedin group dental sales and marketing. Here is a link to Big Bro :- httpss://

Social Bro

2) Falcon Pro App – Amazing favourite of mine, really fast to send tweets from your phone and manage lists, you can have favourite people you follow and even set it so when they post you get notified, so seeing what they are saying…it’s just a whole lot cooler than twitter, faster and really great to share content…although at one stage it reached 100,000 downloads reaching the twitter api limit, the developer put the price up to $132.00 to stop so many people downloading it. Fortunately it is now back down to $2.00 so get it whilst its hot :- httpss://


 3) Hootesuite – A great tool for scheduling tweets in a csv file format (excel spreadsheet style), this can be a little fiddly sometimes or if you prefer you can use the hootlet widget app, this sits at the top of your browser and if you find useful content it will with one click automatically drop it into the program to schedule at a suitable time.   This is an awesome platform as it has lots of useful free reports too and once you get used to it will provide you a seemless auto-scheduling experience with facebook, linkedin and google+ too. Leaving you to reply at your leisure. This is also a great way to assign information to your colleagues or clients to respond in particular technical questions that they are more qualified to answer. httpsss://


 4) Tweetdeck – I use this tool to post and respond to tweets that are coming in when I am on my desktop, leaving it to run in the background on my second screen, making it easy to see interesting tweets immediately to retweet, you can filter it to only show tweets with images or videos, really useful if you want to get people to notice your twitter account over all the others that are blasting content out there. httpsss://


 5) Vizify – This is really cool as it is a slideshow video app with some great music, summing up your best followers and what you tweet about ; it takes five minutes to set up : – httpsss://


 6) Tweet Analysis App – Available on Google Play is really one of my favourite’s but is only used once a week or so as it would really annoy your followers if you used this every day. It analyses any account to see who are the biggest retweeters and who replys, interacting most with you. It can pull all sorts of useful data and blast out out so quickly making people really notice you, depending on how fast your phone or desktop is of course.  httpsss://

Tweet Analysis

7) Famous Quotes App on Google Play is awesome if you get stuck for something interesting to tweet about. Some people do screenshots like this one and then blast it onto twitter. Or if your phone desktop is really fast you can tweet out a few within the space of a minute or so, giving you a better chance of someone reading one and retweeting you. httpsss://

 Famous Quotes

So thanks for reading my post, don’t forget to have fun, the moment it becomes a chore is the time to take a well earned break and think about hiring someone else your team to manage twitter. If you would like some more amazing groundbreaking knowledge for your dental practice then contact us or subscribe to this awesome offer below.  By Nathaniel Schooler, GetWise Marketing  free dental marketing gift

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