It Just Keeps Getting Better

It Just Keeps Getting Better

by Glenys Bridges March 03, 2014

Healthcare management In Dental Practice Training 

Even the most basic management qualifications offer a working knowledge of applied management theories, however many managers having realised the benefits of this learned approach to people and resource management,  just want to learn more.  The next step for them is to develop the next tier of management competencies
As part of dental practice training, dental professionals undertaking this stage 2 qualification develop in-depth understanding of the principles of quality management which underpin care quality regulations. As a result they are able to use the regulatory standards as a route to running more efficient, motivated and productive teams- which will result in the all important better patient experiences.
As with any formal skills set, much of the language of management can be confusing and obscure to managers without formal training. Financial terminology can seem particular incomprehensible until explained in context through formal training with practical examples clarify the concepts. As with the first level of management one of the most notable benefits of training is the confidence that come with enlightenment and understanding of formal concepts and the ability to ‘speak the lingo’
Managers from non-dental sectors taking this level of training will come to understand the legal and ethical obligations placed upon dental professionals and will be better equipped to lead patient-focused teams.
This level of study focuses on the factual and theoretical concepts of management and leadership within the dental sector. It introduces the range of reasoning and practical skills required to find solutions to routine challenges and specific problems. Specialised learning covers self-management skills as well as skills for the supervision of the routine work of others. Most importantly managers must be able to audit and evaluate to maintain quality management and continuous improvement.
To manage people-centered dental services managers need to really understand the needs of their stakeholders. Stakeholders include patients, organisations- such as the NHS and CQC as well as the practice owners. Each group has its specific interests , some  of which are complimentary to one another, whereas other are in competitions, managing rights, responsibilities and best interests can be demanding and calls for background knowledge and excellent communication skills, which are central to this level of management learning.
Having achieved this qualification the recommended progression route is the BTEC Level 5 Management Diploma in Management and Leadership
By Glenys Bridges, GetWise Marketing 

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