Innovative Dental Marketing Ideas

Innovative Dental Marketing Ideas

by William Lawson February 16, 2014

Dental Marketing UK

Within the UK Dental industry we are in general slow to adopt new technologies to market our businesses, sure everyone has a website and understands dental website marketing is important and may even use one or two dental marketing companies to ask some help, but most don’t see the value of making it look nice or an email signup capture form or any other marketing initiatives. Smart business owners are spending around 10% of their turnover on their marketing, investing in their future.

Marketing for dentists needn’t be complicated. There are so many great ways to use your website! You can use it for showing off testimonials from your clients or patients, using welcome or informational videos to show off the benefits of doing business with you are a great tool to your overall dental practice marketing.

Blogging is a great way to show off your skills and expertise and for us is something that we have let lapse a little bit recently as we have been extremely busy making sure the #DS14 leaderboard has been working properly: – httpsss://

One way we love to use technology is by imbedding Twitter feeds into our website, very simple to do for your designer and provides so much value for you, providing you are using Twitter correctly to showcase your skills!

If you would like to learn more about Twitter for dentists and how it fits into your online strategy let us know. We run workshops and skype coaching sessions. We can take your team towards having seamless communications with your existing clients and patients and building stronger relationships with your prospective clients, patients and referal partners, ensuring that you stay connected before someone else does! 



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