Why In Difficult Economic Times You MUST Invest in Dental Marketing…

Why In Difficult Economic Times You MUST Invest in Dental Marketing…

by William Lawson February 26, 2013

Here is why…

1,  At times of economic difficulty you want to be acquiring more customers not less, so why would you want to stop doing something that brings you in more customers when you need them the most?

2, Most people cut back on advertising in difficult economic times which represents an amazing opportunity for you because there is less competition.

But first evaluate what the good forms of advertising are and what the components of a good advertising piece is before you dive head first into monstrous long term contracts with ad/ dental marketing companies.

OK, so let’s look at something that DOES work very well for businesses… it goes by name of “Google”. As you may be aware there are paid advertisements on Google (Pay per click), local map listings and being ranked in the organic search engines. But why are these such profitable forms of advertising? Well lets start with some solid marketing principles like Market research. In Google you can target people using specific keywords. If you don’t know what keywords are they are short phrases people typically type in when they are looking to either search for information and/or buy something.  For instance If you wanted a new TV you might type in something like “TV online best prices”

The great thing about keywords is they also tell a little story about what is going on in the prospects mind prior to and during their search, this is something you also want to be doing with your marketing – entering the conversation of your prospects mind every step of  the way.

So we are targeting keywords. And let’s use a dental example here. Say you wanted to target a certain area of a market like “Dental Implants” or “Veneers” or “Clear Braces” but you want to target customers that represent the highest customer value for you. Well, Google readily and at no charge provides vital data telling you what particular keywords people are typing in every month, so then you can estimate how many visitors you are likely to get to visit your website if you were to rank on the first position of Google.  And that’s the place to be… the first position of Google because they get up to a whopping 51% of all the traffic on the first page!

So let’s say we want to target people looking to have Clear braces fitted in West London, the keyword would be “Clear Braces West London”.  You can check in the google keyword tool how many people are searching  for that particular search term every month, this in the most layman terms is telling you that x-number of people are looking to do business with you. The trouble is, the website at the top of Google gets up to 51% of the traffic those people searching on the first page. That’s staggering considering the amount of people are searching for Local dentists, dental implants and clear  braces.

Then its all just a race to the top of Google as the no:1 position will get the Lions share of traffic and therefore the Lions share of business. This makes “Search Engine Marketing” a very competitive form of advertising but it’s a very worthy investment, particularly long term.

Optimising for the search engines is not the ONLY way to get clients calling your practice, but it is one of the most powerful ways and its very easy to target and track customers. Many good call tracking companies that will have to put a special phone number on your website and then you will be able to track who has phoned your practice as it will also track the keywords. We can recommend some if you drop us an email…

Successful search engine marketing campaigns are not always easy but are certainly a sure fire way to ramp up profits and expand to other practices.

By William Lawson, GetWise Marketing

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