Dental Marketing – How To Use Twitter

Dental Marketing – How To Use Twitter

by William Lawson November 20, 2013

Using Twitter For Dental Marketing

It is possible to integrate Twitter into your dental practice marketing and to generate some great results for your business. In fact it’s one of the best dental marketing ideas. Being a great way to send traffic to your website and begin to build an audience and educate your prospects to the point of purchase. You can also strengthen your existing relationships by understanding the likes and dislikes of clients and patients alike.Twitter For Business Growth

The most important thing is to deliver amazing value to your audience and interact with them regularly. Broadcasting special offers of teeth whitening deals for instance is not the way to go. You will manage to drive away loads of potential patients and new clients.

Remember that you should not rely on just one way to drive leads to your business, especially as you do not own the data from Twitter or other social media platforms. We recommend exporting a file of all your followers on a regular basis just in case the worst happens. This way you will minimise the damage if something happens to your account.

A large proportion of Twitter users drop off within 30 days, this means you need to get these people onto another platform as quickly as possible, whether this is to your Facebook page, LinkedIn group or elsewhere it does not matter as long as the end goal is to get them into your email marketing lists and CRM system.

Once they are in your lists you can feed them information on a regular basis, educating them to the point of wanting more information about the services or products that your business provides. Segmenting these lists is the best way to go, tailoring information to your prospects and then setting up an automated follow up series of communications.

Going so far as to even send some mail through the post, once your prospects are opening all your emails, they have undergone a certain amount of qualification. It is worth investing your time and money in communicating with your prospects and existing clients and or patients to the point of purchase and then to build the all important lifetime customer value and ROI.

Remember you need to put time into planning what behaviours you want to drive, with all marketing strategies this is a crucial part of your initial planning. Marketing is not an event it is like a marathon driving prospects and existing clients to the finish line. Then providing them with the reward of an excellent customer service experience so they want to recommend your business to everyone they know. 

So if you would like some help with your Twitter setup, please fill out the enquiry form below for a free 10 minute consultation.

 By Nathaniel Schooler, GetWise Marketing

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