GetWise Mobile – Are You A Dental Dinosaur?

GetWise Mobile – Are You A Dental Dinosaur?

by William Lawson July 09, 2013

Why Are Loads of New and Potential New Dental Patients Being Stolen From Right in Front Of Your Nose?

Is this YOU?

Mobile searches have nearly overtaken desktop, there are more mobile devices now than pcs. According to emarketer there will be over 30 million smartphones in the UK this year and that’s not even including tablets…

This is not one fo those ‘fly by night’ dental marketing ideas, if you don’t move with the times, all the traffic that goes to your website from a mobile device as part of your dental web marketing will bounce off, pressing the back button and visiting your competitors websites’ that are mobile friendly, they will continue to book an appointment through integrated booking software or pressing ‘click to call’ and booking direct with reception.

Around 56 % of people searching on a mobile device are prepared to take immediate action by booking an appointment maybe through a mobile appointment booking portal like toothpick for instance. You probably don’t have this yet either…

If they continue to poke around your site and can’t even click to call your reception desk, as there is no clickable phone number on your site, they get annoyed. Ok so your website was built before the last ice age and you have a hairy mammoth somewhere in your cupboard too! Isn’t it about time to embrace new technology?? It is supposed to make all our lives easier after all!

wpid-20130710_173907.jpgWhere do we begin ??

Your marketing strategy should be like this wheel with your mobile responsive website being the centre of your marketing strategy.

With social sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other marketing channels leading  to it. It should be a place where existing patients not only visit to book appointments but to sign up to your monthly or bi monthly newsletters, potentially with some kind of special offers for referring their friends and family to your practice.

I could tell you about how qr codes, mobile apps and mobile sms coupons would increase your profits and how your twitter account needs to build your facebook page and how having a mobile site and a website is not a good idea for your business. But this post is really just to give you a nudge, not to entirely confuse you to the point where you continue advertising in the local newspaper without tracking the results.

wpid-20130709_172205.jpgBecause you spent so long learning how to be a dentist and honing your craft, you probably enjoy it to the extent that anything involving the words marketing or roi really turns you off, demotivating you to the point that either you don’t do any marketing at all or you still waste money by using the methods that used to work 40 years ago.  Stopping you from making the kind of money you deserve.

Dont be chicken

We don’t baffle our clients with technology and we don’t even try to sell anything, if after a 10 minute consultation you think that it was a waste of your time you will never hear from us again.

By Nathaniel Schooler, GetWise Marketing


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