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Is A Lack Of Sales Training Killing Your Dental Practice?

When asking a patient to book more treatments, it could be your words are turning off the patient, what means one thing to me may mean something completely different to your patient. Maybe your tone or body language is aggressive and the patient may receive the wrong message from you. You need to look at yourself, do not blame your team for being lazy or the patient being concerned about the fees, learn a lesson and look inwardly towards yourself. Communicate more effectively!

When we are young we are told to listen, not taught to listen, we need to practice active listening skills as part of our sales training so we can communicate effectively. Otherwise, you are not listening to the patients’ concerns and are less likely to address their objections. In many types of sales training courses you are taught to overcome objections, the problem is you didn’t shut off your internal dialogue long enough to actually effectively listen to their concerns in the first place, so in essence you created the objections that they created. Losing you the sale and causing you to blame yourself or a member of your team.

Tracy Stuart calls this man type listening, for example when my wife came back from the shops and says that she went to the beauty salon or dentist, I don’t hear her until she says she spent two thousand pounds on a handbag on  the way home, then I do listen for sure!

We need to listen to understand and to care, finding out the reasons why the patient made the phone call, digging by asking sensible questions and not judging them or filtering their information by not listening to them correctly, missing the most important information and not day dreaming or thinking about being in the pub afterwards.

Body language is another important part of communication, whether you mixed too much cement in the surgery or had an argument with your nurse or treatment coordinator. Your patient will notice and sense this environment, not wanting to be at your practice, potentially going elsewhere after this nasty experience.

You need to learn why the patient wants a particular kind of dental implant or teeth whitening treatment. If not you risk the potential sale, as you cannot get to the root of their desire, being what is motivating them to buy.

It may be the case they do not really want teeth whitening at all but actually want their smile to look amazing. Their teeth are not straight in the first place, so having a whitening treatment may be a complete waste of time until they have had clear braces fitted and have straightened their teeth prior to their all important whitening treatment, losing you a potential two thousand pounds profit.

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