Dentistry Show 2014 News Update

Dentistry Show 2014 News Update

by William Lawson February 22, 2014

Dentistry Show Update

We have been looking at the dentistry show leaderboard and to keep it fresh we have decided to change the metrics slightly, we will probably do this again in the next few days.
For tweets you get 200 points, for mentions you get 150 points and retweets you get 50 points.
If you have less followers than the number of people you are following then you also can gain or lose points.
The aim of this game is for everyone to have fun and to create an awesome community on Twitter…encouraging everyone to connect offline too, by meeting up at the event.
We will be busy at the dentistry show, not only are we running a bar on the Coltene stand but we will be releasing the leaderboard live during the event.
Nat is also teaching a couple of workshops over in the Dental Tech Show at 3pm Both days:-
How To Use Twitter To Market Your Dental Business?
Spaces are limited to 21 delegates, but do not worry we will be recording some of the content for you to watch afterwards…
Enough from us enjoy the show…DentistryShowLogo
The GetWise Marketing Team

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