Dental Marketing Expertise From Peru

Dental Marketing Expertise From Peru

by William Lawson January 25, 2014

So Called Dental Marketing Experts!

AIDA: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action

In age old marketing / advertising you need to follow this process for ensuring people read through your adverts. This blog post will clearly explain one of the lessons I learned from a man in Peru, here it would be illegal what he did but take note there is a big lesson to be learned from this blog post! 

Without these principles, any advert, online or offline is a complete waste of money, if one little mistake is made then the entire process could be a complete waste of time, as you will see if you read the last part of this post!


A Little Marketing Advice From Peru

Whilst eating out in a restaurant in Cusco Peru a gentleman walked up to the table where my girlfriend and I were sitting and put this card on our table in the restaurant. He said absolutely nothing, just left this card obviously with the Mi Amor bit in front with something inside. This got our attention and he did not even say one word or look at us in the eye.

Of course this is where his copywriting and design grabbed our attention; but what if he had spelt one of his words wrong or not folded his card in the right place? Immediately we would have been turned off from giving him any money. This is the case with many dental practices that are just placing advertisements in their local newspapers without creating the right messaging and even worse!


Little Marketing Advice From PeruThere was something inside and of course, like most people I love small packages like this, the least thing we expected in a rather nice little Peruvian restaurant, we were busy drinking some lovely Cusquena beer and waiting for our Alpaca stew. When we opened it the panpipe badge looked amazing and the messaging was awesome. The grammar was correct, the words read well and the gratefulness of the gentleman came right through in his communications.


Ok so this deaf gentleman had made us want to buy this amazing souvenir; it was beautifully presented, the grammar and spelling was all correct and there was some magic included from his attitude, the sheer pride he had to be providing for his family, respect!


So of course unlike the locals who probably see him twice a day, we donated some money to him to support his family. The feel good factor was amazing! It wasn’t like buying a copy of a magazine that you really think is a waste of money and putting it straight in the bin! We probably gave him enough money to provide for his family for a day or two, hey we were world travellers after all.

It could so easily all have gone wrong though!  Much like this embarrassing advert!

So glad I listened to my dad when studying, his masters degree was in business administration and he would actually shout at me about not checking things, he is American and a Mit graduate…”Always Proof Read Your Work Goddamit!


 If you missed the mistake its under staff training, it clearly says “we train them how to up-sell to our premium products and services” Hmmmm looks like a big waste of money to me and nope I wouldn’t hire them either! Anyhow it must be remembered we are all human and make mistakes sometimes, even me.

We know a lot of great offline advertising specialists who don’t usually make mistakes of this magnitude. In particular Chris Baker who explains a bit about advertising offline here. 


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  • Tom

    A classic principle that isn’t adhered to enough.
    A good read here as usual.

    • Nathaniel Schooler

      Why thanks very much for your comment Tom.