A Crazy Dental Week – From the BDA to Google Campus London

A Crazy Dental Week – From the BDA to Google Campus London

by William Lawson June 08, 2013

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We are working on using social gaming to reward excellence within #dental marketing.We are at the cutting edge of this technology, working with the developer to shape the concept for the dental industry. We will be launching a leaderboard sometime within the next few months to promote dental suppliers to their potential clients. A number of dental supply companies are already interested in sponsoring this exciting new marketing initiative.

Some of the dental teams that attended our Twitter training workshop were really excited about the prospect of getting new patients from Tweeting. Fortunately we didn’t overload them with too much information on the potential of a local leaderboard this time! But instead helped them to get set up on Twitter and start using it to post some fun, compelling content.

Yes it is possible for dentists and dental supply companies to get new patients and dental practices on their books using twitter marketing; although this will entail a strategic approach to reap the real rewards. The SEO for dentists generated from twitter is certainly another benefit of tweeting regularly and something to consider, providing you don’t forget to tweet some interesting content from your own website. If the links you post are always from other websites you are not going to benefit as much.

We will be doing some important follow up coaching this week,  to ensure the teams follow through with the first stage of the process of building relationships within their community. It’s not all about broadcasting special offers anymore and hassling people to buy your stuff! These days it’s about building real relationships with thought leaders within your industry and having fun with local tweeples within your community.

Social Media is much like a cocktail party, people don’t want to talk to the kind of people that complain about the weather and how awful their lives are. They want to talk and meet with people who are down to earth, fun and don’t just talk about themselves; it must be remembered SOCIAL is the buzzword here so don’t just talk at potential patients and clients, get to understand their dreams, needs and aspirations and then BOOM you will create revenues for your business and brand advocates who love to share your content!

Here is a video that I thought looked really cool, giving you an idea of the kind of compelling content you should be either be borrowing or creating for your business. Video is great for search engine rankings. Especially if combined with a strategic video marketing initiative, contact us if you would like some information on what to record :-

[yframe url=’httpss://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVtvW9YuKnE’]

Great content is very important for the dental community to share with their potential patients and industry thought leaders, but if that content is boring it’s not going to build the cool factor around your dental business. Whether you are a dental supplier or a dental practice your content and how you shape your tone of voice and strategic approach is crucially important. You must decide what kind of style is acceptable to meet your brand guidelines.

What do I mean??? For instance if you tweet swear words and lots of abbreviations then people aren’t going to want to share your content and will think of your business in the wrong light, turning off the kind of patients that would potentially spend a lot of money with you on private treatments, like braces, implants and teeth whitening treatments for example. You need to shape your content strategy accordingly, otherwise you will be attracting the wrong kind of enquiries.

You can still have fun with your content creation, but need to clearly set guidelines for your team to follow and outline what digital tools to use. What is acceptable and what is not, maybe a certain style of rap music may be not be a good idea to post for instance, classical music like Tchaikovsky on the other hand maybe more suited to your target market; perfectly targeting the correct demographic.

If you are looking to create some amazing compelling content to share there are lots of great places to find this, one site we use is www.stufftotweet.com which is awesome, then there is www.alltop.com and if you want free photos there are loads of sites for those, a short search on youtube will also give you some really cool videos like the one I have posted here.

I will be writing some more useful tips for you within the next few weeks…Remember to have fun and play the game 🙂

By Nathaniel Schooler, GetWise Marketing

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