7 Reasons To Have a Dental Practice Blog

7 Reasons To Have a Dental Practice Blog

by William Lawson August 28, 2013

But I dont know what a blog is?

 A blog it’s like an online book with useful articles showing off your expertise. This is such a powerful online tool and it’s something you don’t need to rely on dental marketing companies or a dental marketing expert for. 

Ok so you have a dental Twitter account and a Facebook page and never update them or interact with your fans. Your competitors have blogs, updated Facebook pages and Twitter dental accounts that would make most businesses sick…”They are at the top of the search engines when I search for a dentist in my town”…”But why should I blog” You say?

1) Blogging helps your dental seo, so you show up higher than your competitors on Google, Bing and Yahoo = grabbing all the search volume from the number one position. It could be even as high as 41.6% of all the traffic goes to your website from no 1 position.

2) Shows off your skills and your expertise by branding you a #thoughtleader within the dental industry making your potential new patients more likely to visit your practice as you are more credible than your competitors.

3) It gives you something of value to share on Twitter, Facebook and other social media, you can cut up a good blog post into a large number of tweets and also generate lots more traffic for your website improving the search engine rankings too.

4) It’s a great way to show off your patient testimonials and connect with your local community by posting interesting compelling content, which will get people to engage with your brand on social media and share with their friends.

5) Updating your patients with new offers and news from your staff members, charity initiatives and anything else going on at your practice and maybe offering them really useful tips for looking after their teeth so creating a lifelong relationship with your patients.

6) You can even use some of your blog post as a monthly ezine or email newsletter with a click back to your website driving more traffic and helping your search engine rankings.

7) Use the blog for posting out to your patients, saving you a lot of time and effort creating more content, hitting your patients from all angles, as they may get your email and ignore it then this is certainly a good idea as it puts you in the fore front of their mind.

These are just some of the ways you can generate new patients and communicate more regularly with your existing patients, more exist and we are sure you are probably thinking of more just by reading this post.

If you are saying :- “How am I going to do this?”
Don’t worry we can help as we have some awesome copywriters on our team that have experience within dental offices so can communicate with your patients for you without driving them away in droves.

By Nathaniel Schooler, GetWise Marketing 

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