14 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Use Twitter?

14 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Use Twitter?

by William Lawson November 14, 2013

14 Reasons why learn to use Twitter As Part Of Your Dental Marketing

Without Having to Be a Dental Marketing Expert!


1) It is a great way to monitor your competition, you can see the offers they are running and the style that they use to communicate. Then use this to create your own strategy and tone of voice to ensure you are picking up the clients that you want.

2) Networking – Twitter is the equivalent of face-to-face networking meetings, this still does not mean you should just talk about yourself, if you go to a party and talk about yourself without asking questions you will end up being the person that no one wants to speak with. One worse than this is being that person who complains about their life or complains about other people. No one will want to spend any time with you, this is so important on social media, do not say anything negative if you can help it.

3) It is a great way to show off client or patient testimonials and make you the go to expert in your chosen field. Meaning you can charge more money and actually be more selective with the people who you want to do business with. Certain types of patients or kinds of dentists may not appeal to you so dealing with them could be a hell on earth for you.

4) Twitter is a wonderful way to prospect for new patients and build relationships with potential referral partners prior to you actually meeting them. Recently a business owner from a really well known healthcare PR company told me how impressed with my blog post. She had retweeted a blog post of mine that very morning, a very humbling experience I can tell you. We of course got chatting and both realised that there were certain things her company did that mine could help her with and visa versa.

5) Twitter is one of the fastest ways to get up to date news, for instance one of your patients has an appointment after visiting your practice. You may be able to save them a lot of hassle and ensure they make their meeting by avoiding a traffic jam…building a stronger relationship with them ensuring long-term customer loyalty.

6) It is a great way to find a good restaurant to eat at if you are in a town you do not know, you can just search for some locals and ask them where they recommend you eat.

7) Twitter is a great way to fill up a facebook page or a LinkedIn group and can be done quickly if you put time and effort into it.

8) Social media in general is becoming an amazing way to drive internet traffic to your website; we have actually doubled our traffic in one month from a well-managed twitter campaign. Now social media accounts for around half the internet traffic to our website.

9) A great place to find a job, as there are loads of recruiters and consultants who regularly advertise jobs there. If you are a dentist looking to recruit it could be a place to find your next hire, the only problem is that recruiting is very time consuming.

10) A superb place to find useful content to share on facebook and other sites, keeping it interesting for your connections and fans, meaning they notice you more regularly. This equates to them asking for your advice once they have a need for your products or services.

11) A great place to promote courses and other events, the twitter workshops we are teaching have already had someone book via the link posted on Twitter.

12) Great place for showing off what you have been doing to your followers, so you brand yourself as a real person, not just someone who is on Twitter for business, people love to connect with real people not just a corporate image. Making it more important to consider what is suitable for you to write about and what pictures to put out there. For an amusing example, you may not want your patients seeing you buy the latest Maserati and a half a million-pound yacht whilst drinking champagne every weekend!

13) Twitter can be a great customer service tool, for an example I buy Abel and Cole food, when I am out I use it to send a message asking the driver to leave it outside my door. Their help is amazing, even going so far as to having another account @abelandcolehelp. Southwest trains have a very well managed twitter account and they tell you when your train is running late.

14) A great way to organise social events and meet up with your friends, when I attend a dental show, lots of my friends on twitter tweet me with the stand number that they are on and not only does it make it easier for me to visit them, but they get a free promotion to my followers. Who may drop by and see me on their stand. Only problem is some shows do not have adequate wifi…

 By Nathaniel Schooler, GetWise Marketing 

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