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Finally… Dental Marketing That Guarantees High Quality Patients or You Pay Nothing

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Discover the GetWise Formula To Success

Patient Value

Utilise Google Traffic Sources 

Whilst Facebook and other sources can be useful, Google continues to be the No:1 source of traffic for dentists and local businesses. Utilising SEO, paid ads and “Google My business” listing sure your website receives plenty of daily visitors wanting to get in touch with you.

If You’re not tracking your marketing you’re in deep trouble…


Marketing is not an evcen tit is a process of constant refinement. And the onyl thing that makes that possible is to be tracking not just your reswults but digging deeper so we can optimse every aqspect of your marketing funnel/process for maximum efficeny and ROI.

Google analytics enables us to do just that.


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No Conversion Rate = NO ROI

There is little to no use spending money on advertising to drive visitors yto your website and have them take no action. Once you k now for eg. for every 100 vists to your website 20 of them will make an enquiry then all of a sudden you have clarity as to whether your marketing is profitable or not. But what’s even greater is you have preidctablity as well. This is essential to groewth in any business. Once you have certaintly and rpreictbly you can invest wisely in marketing and have confidence in ROI.

Establishing Lifetime Patient Value is Critical

What does this mean? OK, well assuming you have just spent £300 on a newspaper ad for example looking to create tooth whitening patients. From the response you were only able to generate £200 in revenue. Many might think this particular marketing campaign was a failure?

WRONG! You’ve maybe heard that its 7 times cheaper to market to to an existing customer/patient than a acquiring a new one and that is because once people use you once they will use you again.

So to bring things back to the original example. Maybe only £200 in revenue return but you have to factor in the aftercare and subsequent treatment, referrals and registering their family at the practice. You have top factor all these things in before you can accurate ascertain what your ROI is. To learn more hwp to calacualt paqtien tvalue click here

Whilst new enquires are the lifeblood if your practice, there is no greater revenue generating assets than a list of your current patients. This all depends of course in your ability to communicate properly and in the right frequency with them. But if you get this right (using the wise formula), then you can easily double your dental pratice profits within a yr.

First Class Support

Once you’re a chosen customer of Getwise you will get my personal number and expect instant support to any particular issues, should in the unlikely event they arise.

6 Month In Personal Review

That’s right. Every 3 months, I will  meet you in person. No matter where you are located to ensure you are brought fully up to the date with the campaign and together we will set targets for constant improvement.

Competitive Edge

The dynamics of dental marketing are changing constantly, so it is imperative to know what’s working now and what isn’t in order to stay ahead of the game and not lose out to competing practices.

Free Receptionist Training

Working with the very best trainers in the industry, we have a series of training videos giving expert help to your receptionists to maximise the ROI on every enquiry.

Monthly In Depth ROI Report

GetWise is completely ROI focused and any money spent with us should never be an expense but an investment that produces returns like any other. The monthly reports show you have much bang you are getting for your buck.

Guarantee and Assurances.

Our philosophy is very simple, either we make you money or we don’t want your money. No matter how good the marketing, there is always a risk. We like to take that risk on our shoulders. The nature of our guarantee depends on the bespoke situation of our clients but every client can expect one.

Free Marketing App

Enabling You to check the effectiveness of all your campaigns on your iphone or Android 24/7 at your convenience.

Help Scaling Your Practice

Even if you no desire to eventually sell your practice, your marketing should be geared towards as if you are. Meaning, our campaigns are not just to deliver you patients but also to increase the asset value of your practice.

Annual Bonus marketing campaigns

For our customers, we will run one off campaigns for practices who have a specific goal like a boost in teeth whitening patients for e.g. We would run a campaign of that nature once per yr Free of charge.

Let's hear from others...

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

The GetWise Marketing Team were intrumental in helping me analyse my marketing strategy and make plans for the future expansion of our business and we will be working very closely to roll out some exciting initiatives over the next few years

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Found Getwise to be very energetic, personable and creative and is the right people to sound out interesting ideas. They know too much about Twitter and are becoming an expert within the dental industry.
I plan to work with them further.

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Does your dental practice have a great marketing plan? Getwise will definetly get you set up with an outstanding one

- ,

Formidable, outside the box marketing strategies, and works too. well done.

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For those Dental Practices looking for that something different to the “usual dental marketing stuff”, a meeting with Getwise Marketing is well worth while

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Had a great meeting with get wise marketing today. Some great tips and advice given- very informative and interesting-good delivery too -didn’t make you feel like you were stupid!

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GetWise are fab, I went on a great course run by them and the team are supporting us through some great activity. Keep up the good work!

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