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Why Your Dental Business needs to Use Video?

How will Video Marketing transform your business?

Did you know... Youtube is now the SECOND largest search engine in the world, bigger than Yahoo and Bing combined, and half of all internet traffic is now streaming video?

This represents an enormous opportunity for you to cash in on a huge amount of targeted traffic just like other smart businesses are doing right now. Video marketing will help you:

  • Establish credibility
  • Connect with your audience
  • Drive traffic to your website<
  • Generate leads
  • Improve search engine rankings<
  • Target a specific audience
  • Create a superior image of professionalism
  • Get your USP across stronger than ever
  • Outshine your competition


Creating video illustrates how your products and services benefit your target market and why YOU are different? 

But... it's only the first step. Your video can't just be sitting on youtube it needs to be EVERYWHERE to achieve maximum visibility, generating the maximum amount of enquires. At GetWise marketing we specialise in making sure this happens for you; We leverage social networking, social bookmarking, blog sites, article and podcast strategies to make sure your video gets viewed by the 'Lions share' of your target audience!

We are proud to have developed a system that guarantees improvement in views and search engine rankings for your videos, using the latest cutting edge Google strategies. 

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Video Testimonials

Here's an example of the powerful use of video with testimonials. Video testimonials are not only earth shatteringly powerful they are a NECESSITY because people simply don't believe written ones anymore. And with good cause...

You are watching Dr Anoop Maini (ranked ~1 six months smiles provider) give a testimonial for Tracy Stuart (GetWise Marketing practice development specialist) Since Tracy  sent out this video to her list she got several enquires within minutes.


Client Magnet Videos

These type of videos get 'butts off chairs', they are super optimised, spread across the whole of the social networks, and are specifically designed to capture peoples attention and  drive them into either/or visiting your website or picking up the phone and calling your practice.

These videos alone can generate you potentially dozens of new patients every month when used with the correct system.


Explain How Your Products/Services Help People

Here Tom from "Mediahawk" explains the importance of call tracking. Tracking your results is IMPERATIVE to any efficient marketing campaign and we use this facility ourselves.

Whats so helpful about using video here is that Tom is able to break down in very 'non jargony' terms what call tracking is, the importance of it and what it can do for your business. Even the sound of the phrase "call tracking" sounds intimidating to many but it needn't be and with out guidance Tom got the benefits of his service across very well.

There are many more different types of video and strategies we use... this is just a few examples from our clients. Once you put video marketing to work in your business you'll be gobsmacked with the power it brings to your online presence. If you would like to know more how video marketing can increase the enquiries and profits in your business, please send us a message. We are happy to answer your questions and will respond promptly.