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Untraceable Marketing Spending is Like Gambling

Date: September 8, 2013 Author: William Lawson Category: Dental Marketing Comments: 0

In this new economy can you really afford to throw your marketing budget down the drain or burn it on your log fire?

Thought not!

Unbelievably over 90% of advertising spend in the UK is not tracked. The 10% or so of businesses that do track their return on investment (ROI) are mostly clever corporations with the marketing know how to do it easily or smart business owners that understand the value of finding out which marketing methods work and then sensibly invest more in the ones that are working.

It could be the case that spending any additional money is ridiculous and not possible for your practice. That's fine but at the very least training your receptionist to ask the new patients where they heard about your practice, and make sure this is done towards the end of the phone call or when they visit your practice or it may cost you the patient's business.

Potentially you could even take it a step further and get a sophisticated call tracking solution put into place, whereby you can actually trace all your newspaper advertising or online marketing initiatives down to a particular phone number or piece of Google analytics code for particular advertising initiatives. Even going so far to work out which page of your website they were looking at when they decided to call you.

This is relatively simple to implement and a necessity to strengthen your business so that you can be in a better place after your marketing spend, investing in marketing rather than planting seeds in ground that do not and will never grow for you.

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By Nathaniel Schooler, GetWise Marketing

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