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The 7 Steps To Tracking Your Dental Marketing ROI?

Date: August 4, 2013 Author: William Lawson Category: Call Tracking Dental Marketing Comments: 0

Is Your Dental Marketing Worrying You?

Dental Marketing CampaignWe understand completely, you built it and it carried your business to the level but...

Are you truly happy with it?

If you owned this makeshift bike and we offered you a brand new Jeep to get you across the border, would you accept the Jeep or would you say "I am happy as I am?"

We understand that sometimes people may be emotionally attached to their old bike and think that it does the job perfectly well. But the old bike may not get us anywhere, it may run out of petrol and have no reserve tank. It could throw you off and you may end up in hospital, when someone else rides it they could end up in hospital after squeezing the home made brakes.

So enough metaphors from me, would you like to know the point of this post?

You are wasting money on advertising and the newspaper adverts you are still spending money on are not being scrutinised. But you like the sales rep, she takes you out for a sandwich once a month and then sells you the advert without mentioning tracking the results for ROI? (Return On Investment)

The next logical step is :- 

1) We would recommend firstly you stop throwing your money away and buy your own lunch, you could probably afford to go to the Ritz with your whole team for the amount of money you are wasting on your adverts in a month or so.

2) Secondly put the right procedures in place to track any marketing investments you make. Yes I have used the word investment because all campaigns should be tracked for ROI. When assessing your options it is possible that you can use your receptionists to ask all new patients where they found your practice. Or you can use an inexpensive call tracking option, especially designed for dental practices. You can work with your web designers or marketing company to get this working properly for you.

3) Decide what to invest your marketing spend 0n, potentially it may be a good idea to invest in search engine optimisation or pay per click Google or Facebook advertising. You may even decide to try the local radio or to get your team to be more active on social media perhaps.

4) Setup the call tracking or new patient questionnaires to analyse your marketing spend for whichever initiatives you decide may work best for you. Once set up either you or a member of your team can analyse the figures and work out which campaigns are working best for your practice.

5) Make sure you implement dental receptionist training to make sure your team are answering the phone correctly and asking all the right questions when potential new patients are calling, maximising your investment.

6) Review the results of your initiatives on a monthly basis for a return on your investment.

7) Behave like the grim reaper cutting off the initiatives that are costing you money even if you are having a great lunch!

If you would like to discuss how we can help, please contact us.

By Nathaniel Schooler, GetWise Marketing 

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