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New GDC Guidelines

Date: July 27, 2013 Author: William Lawson Category: Dental Marketing News Practice Development Comments: 0

Are You Ready For The New GDC Guidelines?

Ok so everyone is talking about it, from the 30th September the new standards for dental professionals will come into force. For us we are eagerly awaiting the guidance information on the use of social networking. Of course wanting to know how this will affect the assistance that dental marketing companies offer services to practices all over the UK.

The GDC had to do something to protect the entire profession from falling into disrepute. After the rogue traders episode with a dentist running off to Poland without even filling out the insurance paperwork, enabling the grieving patient to get her teeth fixed. It was awful to watch this poor lady be left with virtually no front teeth. If you haven’t seen the episode yet I have embedded it here.

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Doctors from abroad have come into the UK to work, without speaking the language properly for years. It is nice that the GDC have had the balls to stand up and make this a necessity if you want to work within the UK dental industry, especially if you want to keep your GDC number! Considering the 9 core principles, it would not be possible to work here and make sure you fulfilled them, unless you had a full time translator perhaps, understood our culture and perhaps had some kind of ethical or soft sales training.

In the majority of practices’ these standards one would expect are already being followed. It seems most dentists have a certain ethical standpoint already as to how they interact with their patients, from an ethical business standpoint certainly. A necessity if you want your business to continue to serve the patients that you have already on your books and to convert new patient enquiries.

When consulting with patients you need to be able to communicate effectively, so speaking the language is a must. Listening to your patients' requirements and buying motivations' an absolute. How you would address their concerns sympathetically without listening to what they are saying.

Without listening skills how are you going to understand why a patient wants to have white teeth? Potentially you could soft sell them another treatment that you provide prior to teeth whitening. You may even work with them to find an entire solution to their problem, helping their self esteem recover once their smile is fixed and wrinkles gone!

For us being involved with marketing and ethical selling, we already know that listening to the concerns and buying motivations is an essential skill for anyone involved in the industry. Working very closely with Tracy Stuart to provide training we know that most of what she teaches follows these guidelines anyway. It would be impossible for her to grow a practice by 200-300% within two years without the strict ethical framework that she teaches to the team in your practices'.

We are looking forward to these new GDC regulations being put in place on September 30th as we are well equipped to deal with the large volume of practices that will need our help in administrating the changes and their continued need for training.

If you are a serious professional and want to discuss with us the potential of helping us to administer this important training or would like to find out more information as to how we could help your practice then please drop us a line.

By Nathaniel Schooler, GetWise Marketing

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