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What Is A Leaderboard And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

To keep this simple; "Social Media" has the word "Social" at the front of "Media" for a good reason. It's because without those interactions it is just "Broadcast Advertising". Which we seem to be very good at ignoring these days!

A leaderboard brings gaming to social media by creating lots of extra interactions; bringing your brand into the spotlight and driving traffic to your website, whilst building brand awareness.

All the twitter accounts and other social media profiles involved go under the spotlight too; so whomever sees the value in a competition such as this can actually ride the promotional wave too.

A leaderboard can be used to drive conversations about particular events, products and charity initiatives.

Fortunately for managers and business owners there are people like us to manage the process and platforms like leaderboarded that will track these interactions and help us to create a buzz around the interactions. We can also make sure you have all the twitter handles and other important data to benchmark the ROI of your campaign.

With leaderboarded in particular you can create a specific competition around the behaviour patterns you want to encourage. Even going so far as to have it linking to a page on your website or a standalone landing page promoting a particular charity initiative, event or product.

Simple Leaderboard Examples

Example 1 - A Daily Charity Leaderboard To Promote Mouth Cancer Awareness

Dental Showcase Board

This leaderboard was designed and run to create awareness around the mouth cancer awareness charity and brand awareness around GetWise Marketing.

Since we launched this initiative we have had conversations with many of the large dental manufacturers and distributors leading to many meetings.

This board also has created so many interactions that our weekly twitter feed has gone from 85,000 impresssions per week to an average of around 500,000 we now only send out 30 automated tweets per day now and respond to our fans. 

We are currently in talks with the dentistry show to run another intiative like this one to promote the Bridge 2 Aid charity during the dentistry show 2014.

Obviously we will need sponsors to cover the costs of running such an intitiative and we are in talks with a number of companies who will cover the costs, helping us to promote this amazing charity.

Statistics From Our Small Campaign During The Dental Showcase

Twitter proof

Example 2 - Driving Business 2 Business Sales

If you have a sales team of 50 area sales managers and you want to motivate them to interact more on social media and to build stronger relationships with your clients. A specific competition can be designed to increase interactions with your existing clients and to generate new leads. Creating a buzz, so you will certainly get noticed and increase your sales.

You can even design the competition based upon tweets and retweets and other competition metrics such as sales revenues per area or re-orders. With extra points say for the third order from new clients and you could even give your team extra points for snappy dressing and keeping their cars clean.

Example 3 - Driving Business 2 Consumer Sales

Another way to drive sales is to create brand advocates, unpaid ambassadors for your brand, people who tweet and interact on social media using the "#hashtags" you pick and metrics you decide on, even meeting up with them for tasting sessions to build the loyalty even further.

Your raving fans can compete for virtual badges, for the fun of the game. They compete for the kudos of saying they won the competition and then they can brag about it to their friends. This is a great way to drive sales through a distribution channel and create demand for a product for your distributors.

There are many more leaderboard competition concepts to drive behaviour, there are so many options for competitions it boggles the mind to just think about it.

Like all marketing initiatives to begin with we need to find out who your target audience is and where they are having the most conversations. Then we will design the competition based upon this all important data and the behaviours you want to drive.

If you are interested in learning more about how social media can help your business please fill in the contact form below or give us a call. +44 (0) 1428 288021

By Nathaniel Schooler, GetWise Marketing



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