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Done the dental sales training, so why aren’t patients buying?

Date: February 5, 2013 Author: William Lawson Category: Practice Development Tags: , , , Comments: 0

An Important Dental Sales Training Question...

Every time I open a journal I read about a clinical cosmetic course and I understand the demand as we all want that straight, white and more confident smile. What does still amaze me is the lack of customer service and skill to turn your patient’s enquiry into business.

What do I mean? As a Dental Sales and associate Trainer it’s my job to take a normal practice and turn it into something truly special and this starts with the basics customer service and communication without this all else will fail, no matter how skilled you are.
I have been carrying out the 5 minute practice challenge for over six years now, this is where I contact practices and give the practice a report on customer service and communication.

It is very alarming that as a patient calling your business wanting to become a new patient, that as a profession you are too busy to dedicate the time to your new patients, nor do you track these calls and so therefore are not aware of the thousands and thousands of pounds you throw away every year. Yet on average a dentist will invest approx . 5% of turnover in dental marketing, and what does dental marketing do? It makes the phone ring or the e-mail ping so if you are investing into making your phone ring why on earth would you not invest into training your team how to develop an enquiry into business.

Some of the excuses I hear are the team leave and YES they do and this happens in all areas of business but the system doesn’t. If you take the new team member through an induction they should pick up the system in no time. It only fails if you miss out this vital step.

All the time I hear terms as Zoom, in house, take home but what does this mean to your patient and based on this how do you expect a patient to make a decision. Zoom, sounds like something out of a batman comic, take home kit- reminds me of my Friday night curry!
If your patient has taken the time to pick the phone up there is a reason and it’s your job to find out that reason, once you have the reason you can only then provide a solution this is what will attract the patient to your practice and increase your case acceptances. A telephone script is a fantastic way to gather the correct information and track all new patient enquiries.

This training is just a small part of the Patient Care Co-ordinator programme that we provide and can be delivered over four full days or eight half days.

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