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Why Dental SEO Is Such A Critical Part Of Your Marketing Strategy...

And How Using SEO Can Literally Transform Your Practice...

Think:"enquiries"...  the leads/enquiries you generate are the lifeblood of your practice. So it's important both the quantity and quality of these enquires are high. This is where Getwise dental SEO really comes into it's own. It has the capability to deliver you dozens of enquiries and new patients month after month turning up to your practice PRE-SOLD for the treatments you offer. Whether you would like to focus on invisible braces, veneers or implants, dental SEO will help you laser target people who are searching for the services you are eager to offer, by connecting with your website with the "keywords" they are looking for something. 

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are what people type in to seach engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing when they are looking to buy and /or for information on something. So for e.g. if I were looking for a cosmetic dentist in London, I would type in "cosmetic dentist London" into Google. Google will then present me with some search results. And here's the critical point, its the people who show up at the top of those search results that get that business, if you are not in the top of the search results you will lose out on all of that business.

How Many Enquiries Should You Expect?

OK, this is not an exact science but the first page of Google gets anywhere from 80-85% of all the traffic. The number one position gets anywhere from 18-42% of all the clicks. So in theory if you were ranking no: 1 on Google for a keyword that has 1000 searches per month, this means you can expect an extra 180 - 420 hits per month to your website.

Then... we would work with you to turn those visitors into patients. This is the critical point that most dental marketing companies even if they get you to no:1 on Google will shrug their shoulders and say "not my problem" and walk away because they simply do not understand how to make online marketing work. Here at Getwise marketing not only do we not run away from these challenges, we are conversion specialists who relish these type of challenges. We understand full well as a practice owner all you care about is not page 1 rankings, it's PATIENTS! Keeping this in mind this is why GetWise have the outstanding team we have, making sure no stone is left unturned.

So we both know when patients look for a dentist they find the front page of Google very helpful, especially when researching for dental procedures, like braces, veneers or teeth whitening. Often when people move house they also look for a new dentist. You want your website to get found and also convert those people into your new patients. Most dentists have websites but have very little traffic, so they spend money on magazine and newspaper articles without tracking the results. Fortunately we can help you track all your advertising. We work very closely with coaches who train practice managers and receptionists how to answer the phone and deal with email enquiries. You can track your new patients in this way or for larger campaigns we offer a call tracking service.

The Next Step...

Initially we do a basic analysis of your website and online presence, after this we consult with you to discuss your expectations and goals for the next financial year, making sure we take into account your ROI (Return On Investment) and what kind of patients you would like to see walking through your door. More detailed keyword research follows and an initial competition analysis takes place, looking into search volumes for your local areas. We ask you to list three of your competitors to target. Sharing our findings with you and helping you to pick out suitable keywords for the dental treatments you offer. Investment starts at £197...  If you would like more information about how we can help you get more patients please contact us at the form at the bottom of this page.

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