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Is a Lack Of Dental Receptionist Training Hurting Your Practice?

When phoning a number of dental practices we have found that rarely does the receptionist answer the phone. Enquiring about an implant they told one of our team, we needed to spend three thousand pounds and may need a bone graft. Do you think this would make you want to book a consultation?

When enquiring on the phone about cost of teeth whitening I was greeted with the answer of a zoom combo teeth clean special offer at £199.00 till the end of the month, not once did they ask me why I wanted teeth whitening. If I was a real patient and was getting married, they may have been able to book me in for the works, botox, invisible braces and teeth whitening with a scale and polish.

At best I decided they might be in need of some dental receptionist training, at worst I thought they were rude and did not leave me with a good feeling inside so called their competitor, losing them the potential profit over five years of say ten thousand pounds.
When I was a student way before I ever heard of dental receptionist courses, I learned how to answer the phone correctly, firstly starting with good morning, the name of the business, my name and then how can I help you?

I am amazed at how many businesses just pick up the phone and say “hello”. Immediately setting the scene for a bad phone conversation, at one dental practice the receptionist told us not to call back at lunchtime because it was closed for lunch hour.

This is not the nineteen fifties, pubs are open all day, shops are open 24 hours. You need to wake up to the fact that most people work 9-5 and have a lunch hour at 1pm -2pm calling your practice to make an appointment. If not they may change dentist and cost you tonnes of money whilst you watch your practice fall at the wayside losing more and more profit.

A number of other practices we have called recently closed at lunchtime. They were more concerned with their cheese and pickle sandwiches than answering your phone. FYI it is possible to schedule a call answering service to deal with those phone calls if your team really can’t manage to eat on the go.

If they do by any chance answer, they rarely ask you why you called or what you wanted to achieve from the treatment that you decided that you wanted? Ignoring the buying motivation entirely so losing the sale completely to your competition.

Forgetting it is also very important when quoting the price for the treatment to actually talk about monthly payments being interest free and a monthly price rather than quoting three thousand pounds one off cost. Rather than a ninety nine pound monthly investment in your long term health and happiness.

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