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Daily Practice Management – A Nuisance at Best

Date: April 12, 2013 Author: William Lawson Category: Practice Development Comments: 0

Most dentists will agree that the daily management of their practice is a nuisance at best and a real bother in the worst situations.

It requires lots of paperwork and can easily be considered a waste of precious time that could be otherwise dedicated to the patients’ care. That’s the reason why many dentists find it hard to imagine their practice growing without them having to add more hours to it.

What every dentist wishes for is to increase and optimize the time spent with each patient, i.e. to have tools that simplify their daily management, maintaining the same quality of care and improving the communication with the patient, all at the lowest possible cost.

Traditionally this tool - a dental practice management software - usually requires very high hardware and maintenance costs and endless license fees and rates.

According to Dr. Barnes’ Ten Ways to Improve Your Practice, the “first principle suggests that dentists need to open their eyes to new possibilities and new ways of seeing themselves, their practice, and their patients, as well as the way they perform the dentistry they have been trained to provide.”[1]

With this exact attitude, Dr. Sergio Tinoco conceived Dentsio: the first dental app designed exclusively for iPad to enter and manage the clinical history of the patients. Dentsio is an easy, fast, economical and intuitive everyday tool, for dentists of all specialties and of any generation. It allows a single app to include basic patient data, data on general health, bacterial plaque control and oral hygiene, dental and periodontal charts, orthodontic treatment plan and budgets, as well as the ability to upload all the patient’s records (radiographies, pictures, laboratory analysis, etc.).

Thanks to Dentsio, dentists can easily increase the productivity of their practice: the time spent recording the patients’ personal and clinical information is reduced and a new functionality leading to a better doctor-patient interaction is acquired. Patients might not always understand what’s going on and why they ‘need’ to have something done and sometimes refuse a treatment. Dentsio helps prevent these situations, thanks to a better communication.

At the same time the image and credibility of the practice gain the value and recognition given by the employment of state-of-the-art technology. Dentsio is the new tool for dentists who wish to provide excellent care to their patients and own a successful practice.

[1] Ten Ways to Improve Your Practice: Time-Tested Principles-Based on an Interview With Dick Barnes, DDS

Written by Allison DiMatteo, BA, MPSTuesday, 01 April 2008 00:00


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