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Call Tracking for Your Dental Practice

Date: February 5, 2013 Author: William Lawson Category: Practice Development Tags: , , , , Comments: 0

Why it's a critical part of your dental marketing...

In the New Economy, having the ability to track & measure where all of your sales are coming from is more important than ever before. With technologies such as Google Analytics, this has become increasingly easier, at least for measuring where your web traffic is coming from.

But what about your marketing strategies that are aimed at generating a phone call, including your online efforts? There's a missing link here that doesn't seem to be getting filled.

As a dentist, you likely rely heavily on the telephone to bring in inquiries, both from online and offline dental marketing efforts. Let's say you're running several adverts in local publications, PPC campaigns and targeting various keywords for SEO. Some adverts are probably pulling more weight than others, as may certain keywords and AdWords campaigns. How do you know which are working and which aren't?

For awhile now, many businesses have used call tracking software such as Mediahawk to accomplish this. With this software, you can place individual numbers to your print advertisements to see which are bringing in your sales leads and which aren't yielding as much of an ROI as you'd like.

Furthermore, you can implement this software on your website so you can discover which keywords and PPC campaigns are leading people to pick up the phone and call you. It's an incredibly affordable package that puts a lot more power back in your hands.

Each visitor is designated with a unique number which makes this possible, and also "follows" them around the site so you can see the path they took and the page they were on when they called you.

Another great benefit is, as dentist, every phone call coming into your practice counts, so with features within Mediahawk such as call recording, whisper and missed call alert, you can improve your operational effectiveness to increase the impact your sales force and customer service makes.

A call tracking system like this fills in the missing link when it comes to inbound telemarketing, and if you act upon the insight gained from this system it will help you to exponentially skyrocket your marketing effectiveness while at the same time decrease costs.

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