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The “FabYouLess” Card – Launch event at the Sanderson Hotel
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On Tuesday the 18th, I had the privilege to attend the launch event for the new FabYouLess Card, the event was really well organised and enjoyed by all, the nicest eclectic mix of people attended. I spent some time talking with Antonia Mariconda the alias Cosmedic Coach and some of our favourite soap stars including Debbie Arnold, Helen Lederer, Kim Tiddy (From the Bill) unfortunately on this occasion didn't manage to see "Downton Abbeys Cook" the alias Mrs Patmore played by Lesley Nicol. Although the event was supposed to have only have around 75 attendees, they had over 150, we were so pleased the event was such a big success for them, a job well done guys...  
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It Just Keeps Getting Better
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Healthcare management In Dental Practice Training 

Even the most basic management qualifications offer a working knowledge of applied management theories, however many managers having realised the benefits of this learned approach to people and resource management,  just want to learn more.  The next step for them is to develop the next tier of management competencies
As part of dental practice training, dental professionals undertaking this stage 2 qualification develop in-depth understanding of the principles of quality management which underpin care quality regulations. As a result they are able to use the regulatory standards as a route to run ...
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Dentistry Show 2014
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Dentistry Show Marketing Success

For all our clients and leaderboard sponsors the dentistry show was a big success this year, we managed to run a bar, the leaderboard and Nat lectured on "How to Market Your Dental Business On Twitter" which is you are a bit of a Twitter dentist you would have loved. These lectures went really well and Nick from the dental talk show recorded it for sharing, footage to follow soon.
The power of social media was amazing, people even approached us to say how good our content was and how valuable they found it, truly a humbling experience, when someone says they have been in th ...
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Dentistry Show 2014 News Update
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Dentistry Show Update

We have been looking at the dentistry show leaderboard and to keep it fresh we have decided to change the metrics slightly, we will probably do this again in the next few days.
For tweets you get 200 points, for mentions you get 150 points and retweets you get 50 points.
If you have less followers than the number of people you are following then you also can gain or lose points.
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Best Foot Forward For New Practice Managers
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All Important Leadership and Management Skills In Healthcare Practices

Stepping up leadership and management skills in healthcare practices are is now a requirement for meeting CQC Regulatory Standards. but also a very useful and key part of dental practice training. Registered Providers, Registered Managers are responsible for creating the means and methods to ensure quality principles are in place for day-to-day patient care. Once the standards have been embedded in polices and procedures practice teams need leadership and management to skilfully implement a range of principles and reflect upon the results secured. Developing management skills means getting a grasp of basic lea ...
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Innovative Dental Marketing Ideas
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Dental Marketing UK

Within the UK Dental industry we are in general slow to adopt new technologies to market our businesses, sure everyone has a website and understands dental website marketing is important and may even use one or two dental marketing companies to ask some help, but most don't see the value of making it look nice or an email signup capture form or any other marketing initiatives. Smart business owners are spending around 10% of their turnover on their marketing, investing in their future. Marketing for dentists needn't be complicated. There are so many great ways to use your website! You can use it for showing off testimonials from your clients or patients, using welcome or informational videos to sho ...
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Dental Marketing Expertise From Peru
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So Called Dental Marketing Experts!

AIDA: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action

In age old marketing / advertising you need to follow this process for ensuring people read through your adverts. This blog post will clearly explain one of the lessons I learned from a man in Peru, here it would be illegal what he did but take note there is a big lesson to be learned from this blog post!  Without these principles, any advert, online or offline is a complete waste of money, if one little mistake is made then the entire process could be a complete waste of time, as you will see if you read the last part of this post! Read more
#DS14 Dentistry Show Leaderboard Now Live
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GetWise Marketing Dental News

We have been busy at GetWise Marketing training our new social media intern Angus and teaching Twitter and Hootsuite training courses to dental supply companies and dentists. The leaderboard for the dentistry show has been launched and is now live. It is for UK Dental practices and their teams to compete with each other to see who are the best on Twitter. Points will be given for the amount of times the hashtag #ds14 is tweeted, mentioned and retweeted by their communities. We have also added in a score for influence, which is based on number of twitter followers. This board has been kindly sponsored by @ColteneUKLtd @DENTSPLY_U ...
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The Dentistry Show Leaderboard 2014
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#DS14 Dentistry Show Birmingham

This years dentistry show is going to be amazing, not just because we will be there. But because we are really going to be engaging the dental community on Twitter with our leaderboard competition board. I will be posting a link to the board and releasing it sometime before the 20th January. Initially we had planned to release it on the 15th but have had some teething problems, although we will still be on schedule to release the board six weeks prior to the show, for the dental practices and dentists on twitter we will be running this board to see who are the movers and shakers on Twitter. Points will be given out for the am ...
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