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Date: February 6, 2013 Author: William Lawson Category: Practice Development Tags: , , , , Comments: 0

A Dental Marketing Plan Overhaul...

You need to be looking at several different areas of you marketing. Lets look at what's available that will help you get more customers. There's paid advertising both offline and online but one mistake many business owners make is that they are driven purely by competition. They are more concerned with what their competitors are doing rather then looking at smart, strategic ways to completely side step them and make them an irreverence.

I will show you how to do this but it all starts with a realisation that just because a competitor is advertising in XYZ magazine, doesn't mean YOU should be advertising in XYZ magazine. What if it so happens that this expensive magazine ad you are looking at happens to be costing your competitors an 'arm and a leg',  and bringing in virtually no ROI (return on investment)? Maybe this person advertising is DESPERATE to find new clients, much more desperate than you might be but is simply rudderless in finding something that works? What if the only reason you saw their ad is because they themselves saw competitors in there and were motivated purely by competition? The madness continues...

And that's EXACTLY what advertisers prey on. Many know full well that the ad they are offering cannot be tracked, traced and proven to be a worthy investment but they will hit you on many other levels, ANYTHING other than ROI to make you buy it, like: "think about your brand" "think about your company image" and of course; "look what your competition is doing". Plain and simply, if your advertising is making you money, keep it and if anything invest more in it. If its losing you money, tweak it and if still not successful, KILL IT!

The deeper problem here lies in the fact that if you cannot track and trace results, you have no way of even knowing whether something is bringing you a suitable ROI or not. This is absolutely the worst position for you and many businesses bleed to death from not being able to locate where they are wasting money and therefore can't stop the bleeding.

The thing to really take away from this article is do not invest in marketing you cannot track or trace,  if you cannot prove a certain current marketing piece is making your profit or not, ditch it and invest sensibly in forms of advertising you can track and trace like Google Adwords pay per click, Google maps and ranking in the organic search results.

By William Lawson, GetWise Marketing

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