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Monthly Archives: August 2013

7 Reasons To Have a Dental Practice Blog
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But I dont know what a blog is?

 A blog it's like an online book with useful articles showing off your expertise. This is such a powerful online tool and it's something you don't need to rely on dental marketing companies or a dental marketing expert for.  Ok so you have a dental Twitter account and a Facebook page and never update them or interact with your fans. Your competitors have blogs, updated Facebook pages and Twitter dental accounts that would make most businesses sick..."They are at the top of the search engines when I search for a dentist in my town"..."But why should I blog" You say? 1) Blogging h ...
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Will Your Dental Practice Beat Tesco, Sainsbury and IDH? Part One
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Independent Dental Practices Are Going To Be Closing Throughout the Country Soon

Whether you realised it or not Tesco, Boots and Sainsbury have now opened dental practices in their stores. This is something to take seriously; now they have worked out how easy it is to do they will roll out these in store dental practices over the country. Their mission is to move into any area, which makes them money, and going into dentistry is no different than running a store, they are already in a highly regulated industry after all, with strict hygiene requirements and laws to adhere to. They have partnered with IDH as you may have heard. IDH have a huge amount of venture capital funding behind them and with a strategic partnersh ...
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