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Dental Marketing That Delivers...

Yes, you heard right. GetWise marketing is a team drawn from highly experienced marketing and design professionals in the dental industry.

We bring fresh ideas and create breakthrough strategies to dental marketing which 99% of your competitors simply have no clue about, giving you all the advantage. But how badly do you want that advantage (we only work with the ambitious)?

It's easy to rock along in your comfort zone, but how much are you willing to challenge yourself? Patients are picking up the phone day in day out asking for emergency treatment, cosmetic treatments, dental implants, clear braces... to the point, you couldn't set up enough local practices in your area alone to cope... the question is WHY do they end up sitting in someones else's dentist chair and not yours?

We have the answer but our clientele are limited, we are only interested in working with ONE dentist per area. If you are seriously interesting in doubling your dental practice business in the next 12-18 months fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you within 24-48 hrs. 


Dental Marketing
  • Dental SEO
  • Video Marketing 
  • Google Adwords Management
Why Choose Us?

google-dental-marketing-logoOur results are Guaranteed and completely risk free. You will only start paying once we start getting patients through the door. And unlike most dental SEO companies, instead of creating drab, boring and irreverent content, we generate highly interesting and relevant content that drive patients to your practice.

We will only work with ONE dentist per local area.

We are Google Adwords accredited so you know your adwords account will be in a safe pair of hands.

There is no fluff, we will not bombard you with gargon and gimmicks but initiate 100% easy to grasp high ROI marketing campaigns.

Dental Practice Training And Development
  • Dental Sales Training
  • Treatment Coordinator Training
  • Dental Receptionist Training
Why Choose Us?
dental receptionist training bookGlenys Bridges is a twice published author and highly experienced and respected in the dental profession.

She covers every area of practice training and development from dental receptionist training to dental sales and treatment coordinator training.

One of Glenys's unique attributes is her ability to help you maximise the benefits of their CQC compliance measures. This is a major part of her focus.

So Rest assured with Glenys's results driven experience and professionalism on hand, every area of development in your dental practice will be covered. 


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